Moments of Impact: Family Caregiving After Hospital Discharge

Friends and family are the hidden workforce that support members and patients after a hospitalization. Healthcare organizations depend on them to manage appointments and meds, coordinate care, provide hands-on care and recognize red flags. They navigate all the twists and turns that come with recovery.

Ensuring they are supported and resilient is an often overlooked opportunity for health plans to improve member experience and reduce cost of care.

Are You Aging Solo Too?

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Many of us, whether by choice or due to life changes, are aging on our own. Recognizing that we are aging solo can help us take steps to make sure we are well prepared for our future and can continue living life the way we want to. Some indicators that you might be aging solo Are You Aging Solo Too?

Why Caregiver Support Should Be Front and Center in Your CAHPS Strategy

Healthcare decision-making is often a family affair. From the time we’re born, family members and other loved ones influence the decisions that help us grow healthy and strong, both physically and mentally.  This need for support may ebb and flow over time, but once we turn 65, chances are we’re either providing care to a Why Caregiver Support Should Be Front and Center in Your CAHPS Strategy

I’m a family caregiver. Are you?  

I’m a family caregiver. I say that now and wish I’d said it sooner.  What’s a family caregiver? Someone who’s providing unpaid care for a spouse, parent, grandparent, extended family member, neighbor, or friend.  Do you help someone with:  These are collectively known as Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and if you’re helping someone with I’m a family caregiver. Are you?