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We have trusted caregiving experts, a personalized digital platform and answers to your most important caregiving problems, including navigating insurance, senior living options, financial management and more. You can manage your caregiving responsibilities here. We’ve got you. We make caregiving easier. 

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When caring for a loved one, it can be hard to cope with caregiving tasks or feel like you’re doing the “right thing” all the time. In order to provide important services to caregivers and their families, many health plans and employers have partnered with Carallel. If you’ve received information from your health plan or employer, you may be eligible for our services.

Check eligibility for access to Carallel by chatting with our team or by downloading our Carallel Companion App.

Not eligible through a health plan or employer? We have a caregiver resource library available to you anytime. Please check back, as we’re adding new health plans regularly!

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Our platform is built by caregivers for caregivers. It’s tailored for your circumstances, and designed to be easy and fast to get support.

  • Connect with compassionate experts ready to guide you through your specific needs.
  • Get help with caregiving issues, including insurance, financial & legal topics.
  • Take care of your own stress and well-being with quick guidance and resources tailored to you.

Get to know our Care Advocates

The support and assistance our Care Advocates provide is at the core of what we do. Here are just a few of the featured rock stars on that team.

Common questions from caregivers

My husband was diagnosed with dementia. What questions shouId I be asking?

Everyone experiences dementia differently. But the more you know about the condition, the better equipped you’ll be to help your husband (and yourself).  When you reach out to a Care Advocate at Carallel, we can provide you information and practical resources designed to inform you, emotionally support you, and just help you figure things out.

I’m not sure what my insurance covers or not. How do I navigate it for my Mom?

We get this question a lot and understand why. Navigating health insurance can be a challenge on a good day–never mind when you’re in the midst of caring for someone else! The good news is that here at Carallel, we’ve got you covered. See what we mean by downloading Carallel and checking out the Figuring Insurance section today.

My Dad wants to stay in his home. What are our options?

Most people are with your Dad and would prefer the same. We get it. But we also know that it’s often easier said than done because of the impact of aging, illness, or disability. So while it’s important to understand the options, it’s even more important to do so in the right context. What’s Dad’s situation? Is the home safe for him? Who’s around to help? The answers to those questions will lead you to the right answer about your options. And guess what? Carallel has tons of resources and tools to help you do that. Sign up today.

Can I get paid for caregiving?

This might be the question we get the most. And as much as we wish there was a simple, straightforward answer–there isn’t. Because the truth is that it depends. Download the Carallel app today to learn everything you need to know about getting compensated for caregiving.

How much does Carallel cost?

Right now, many can access Carallel’s resources and Care Advocates through their health care provider. You can determine eligibility after sign up. If your health plan has partnered with Carallel, you do not need to worry about any costs as it is a benefit covered by your plan.

If you or your family member are not eligible at this time, we invite you to sign up to our email newsletter for more information and resources. New health plans are being added regularly.

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