For Providers

Whole person care needs caregivers

Value based care depends on patient decisions outside your four walls. Caregivers help make those decisions and need your support.

Extend Care Management

Unpaid caregivers are your eyes and ears outside of clinical settings

Carallel empowers this at-home support system so they can confidently manage caregiving responsibilities.

Support Value-Based Care Strategies

Caregivers influence over 60% of ACO quality measures

Supporting them through Carallel is key to improving quality outcomes.

Reduce Readmissions

Caregiving challenges peak after critical moments, like after a hospital stay

Carallel strengthens your patients’ support systems to help you prevent costly readmissions.

Unpaid caregivers lead the way to better outcomes

of seriously ill people report friends/family help “a lot” in managing their conditions

(Source: Being Seriously Ill in America Today, Oct. 2018)
of caregivers monitor the severity of their loved one’s condition so that care can be adjusted

(Source: AARP, Caregiving in the US 2020)
of caregivers assist with medical/nursing tasks

(Source: AARP, Caregiving in the US 2020)

Life for me as a caregiver can sometimes be exhausting, lonely, and dreadful. It is a relief to know that when I am at the end of myself, I can contact a compassionate, helpful person through Carallel.


Carallel leads the way to better outcomes

Helping caregivers in their most stressful moments creates opportunity to address underlying challenges. Empowerment Programs from Carallel engage caregivers in next-best actions that directly impact cost and quality.


Carallel Empowerment Programs

Advance Care Planning
Preventive Screenings
Site of Care Decisions
Medication Adherence
Home Safety & Fall Prevention
Palliative Care & Hospice Support
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