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Balancing work, life and caregiving

With nearly half of U.S. employees balancing work with caregiver responsibilities, employers of choice know an employee’s personal life follows them into the workplace.

Offer Support

66% of caregivers say their employers do not support them in the ways they need

Carallel offers personalized support, expert guidance and a helping hand for your employees caregiving for a loved one.

Reduce stress and burnout

Caregivers miss up to 12 hours of work each month due to caregiving responsibilities

Carallel’s human-led, tech-enabled caregiver solutions reduce that burden.

Create a culture of care

Retaining employees today means addressing work-life balance

Employers of Choice know caregiving is top of mind for employees and key to employee wellbeing.

Supporting caregivers leads to a happier, healthier workforce

of caregivers are employed

(Source: AARP, Caregiving in the US 2020)

of caregiver employees said caregiving responsibilities impacted productivity

(Source: Harvard Business School, The Caring Company 2019)

of caregivers report clinically significant levels of stress, anxiety and depression

(Source: BCBSA, The Impact of Caregiving on Mental and Physical Health)

In addition to finding resources for my Uncle, my Carallel Care Advocate gave me resources on reducing stress and anxiety. We agreed that I must take care of myself to give care for my Uncle.


Carallel is the listening ear employees need

Caregiver empowerment programs help employee caregivers when they are in urgent need. Carallel’s Care Advocates are driven by empathy and the chance to help you problem-solve. They also help reduce the employees’ daily and personal stressors by offering one-on-one human led caregiver support and solutions.


Carallel Empowerment Programs

Senior Housing and In-Home Care
Advance Care Planning
Financial Considerations
Site of Care Decisions
Support Groups
Palliative Care & Hospice Support
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