How We Help

We depend on caregivers

With all that they have to shoulder, Carallel is here with the help and support they can depend on

Our programs help you:

Identify who has or is a caregiver

Engage caregivers productively

Empower caregivers to take meaningful actions


Caregiving is most often done behind the scenes

It can be hard for health plans and employers to know if a member or employee is caring for a loved one or benefiting from a caregiver. More than half of caregivers don’t disclose their responsibilities to their employer.

Carallel uses expert implementation services and analytics to identify and create a connection to caregivers in your population. 



Our highly credentialed team of Care Advocates is available on-demand to caregivers. Reachable by phone, email, or chat, they know how to listen first and then problem solve, coach and implement action plans.


Our MyCareDesk digital platform is made specifically for caregivers. They get proprietary content and tools to help make decisions about senior living, in-home care, finances, and more. It also includes collaboration tools so caregivers can get support from their circle of care.

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Senior Living
In-Home Care

Collaboration Tools

Circle of Care Management
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What caregivers are saying

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Regardless of any outcomes, this one phone call with a Carallel Care Advocate changed my day.



Giving caregivers the tools they need to navigate their difficult role has advantages. 

For Members

Carallel can improve experience and outcomes for your members

For Patients

Carallel can improve outcomes for your patients

For Employees

Carallel can help you support and retain your valuable employees

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