Webinar | 07/20/21

Caregiver Stress & Mental Well-being

Caregiving takes a toll – physically, financially and emotionally. In fact, 40 – 70% of caregivers have clinically significant symptoms of depression. By pulling back stigma on mental health, we can tend to the emotional well-being of caregivers and identify strategies that will better position them to tend to their loved ones’ needs. 

In this discussion, we talk about the emotional and mental impact caregiving has and give practical advice on how to practice better self-care.

Acknowledging Caregiver Burden

The stress or load a person experiences when caring for an ill, elderly or disabled person – Caregiver Burden – is common. Caregivers often feel overwhelmed and constantly worried, tired, and sad. They may also experience physical manifestations like weight change, headaches and bodily pain. This toll impacts the health and wellness of both the caregiver and the loved one they are supporting.

Supporting caregivers means addressing this burden, reducing stress and ensuring their resilience for the caregiving journey ahead.

Left unsupported family caregivers are largely stressed, burned out and uncertain whether the decisions they make are the best for them or their loved one.

Featured Experts

Dr. Jeff Rubin

Jeff is a licensed psychologist who works with a variety of organizations to help them engage and work with their clients and patients toward healthy behaviors be they physical or fiscal.

Terrence Donovan

Terry is a physician assistant and a Carallel Care Advocate. He works daily with caregivers – providing a compassionate ear, helping them find resources and advising them on strategies to take care of themselves.

Shara Cohen

Shara has spent more than 20 years helping healthcare organizations think differently about how to involve and empower people more effectively in their care and health. As CEO of Carallel, Shara drives the company’s mission of making caregiving easier and helping caregivers provide the best support possible to their loved ones.

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