National Family Caregivers Month 2022

Voices of Caregiving

Real people. Real wishes. And a real need for help.

National Family Caregivers Month 2022

Millions of Americans provide unpaid care to a family member or friend each day, in every corner of our country. The statistics are astounding. Yet behind every statistic is a person. A voice. A story.

So in the spirit of National Family Caregivers Month this November, we’re shining a light on the family caregiving experience–one voice at a time. In two minutes or less, caregivers answer four questions on camera to share their greatest wishes and needs.

These are #VoicesOfCaregiving.

Kitty in OR

Alicia in NC

Matt in IL

Christin in IL

Rosanne in PA

Immacula in FL

Barry in PA

Matt in NH

Nicole in MD

Helen in IL

Norris in MO

Maria in NH

Richard in SC

Subbu in IL

Andrea in MA

Lindsay in NH

Bruce in NC

Deb in NJ

Jillian in AZ

Quinta in WI

Caregivers Everywhere

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