Shara Cohen Joins HealthLeader’s Payer NOW Online Summit

Carallel’s CEO discusses the Medicare of the future with health plan leaders from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Geisinger Health Plan

HealthLeaders’ Payer NOW Online Summit

For plan year 2023, Medicare Advantage enrollment will represent 50% of all Medicare beneficiaries — growing to 70% by 2030. How will these public and private models co-exist as enrollment shifts? How might the beneficiary populations differ, as well as approaches to managing their care experience? How will providers be impacted, including the power dynamics between them and commercial MA plans? 

Carallel’s CEO, Shara Cohen joined HealthLeaders’ Contributing Editor, Lori Beerman, and a panel of health plan luminaries to discuss these and other questions.

About Carallel

Carallel uses expert guidance and digital tools to identify and empower caregivers so they can confidently manage the twists and turns of caregiving. Carallel partners with health plans and providers aiming to achieve better outcomes, and employers striving to retain employees and increase productivity.

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