MoreCare Partners with Carallel to Expand Caregiver Support Programs, Improve Outcomes

Early data show partnership significantly increases health plan engagement with Special Needs Plan members and their loved ones — at 6x the industry average

CHICAGO, March 2, 2022 MoreCare, a Chicago-based Medicare Advantage plan dedicated to providing whole-person care, is teaming up with Carallel to deliver comprehensive, integrated, and personalized support for loved ones who provide care for MoreCare members — approximately 40% of whom are in a Special Needs Plan (SNP) due to the level of care they need. Carallel is partnering with forward-thinking health plans like MoreCare across the nation to re-envision the caregiving experience using technology-enabled human support.

Carallel’s resources empower caregivers with personalized support for day-to-day health, social, legal, and financial issues — a critical need for those caring for MoreCare members in supportive living facilities, who frequently face health equity barriers due to factors such as poor health, limited income, and limited health literacy.

Launched in 2021, the MoreCare-Carallel partnership offers caregivers on-demand access to highly credentialed, empathetic Carallel Care Advocates and digital decision-making resources. Given family caregivers play such a critical role in the health outcomes of their loved ones, Carallel’s Care Advocates serve as an extension of the MoreCare care management team providing caregivers with individualized guidance and support.

Recently, MoreCare conducted a first-of-its-kind pilot of Carallel’s Advance Care Planning Empowerment Program, which engages members and caregivers to create living wills and Powers of Attorney. Monthly case reviews and integration with MoreCare’s care management platform further ensure every member is receiving team-based, whole person care. In a pilot among Institutional SNP members, which is now expanding to all members, 62% of those eligible participated, and 100% of participants completed the program — an engagement rate nearly six times higher than the industry average for comprehensive care management programs. 

“Caregivers are often an overlooked part of the medical and Medicare community,” said Scott Sarran, MD, Chief Medical Officer, MoreCare. “We recognize the critical role they play as part of the care management team, and know they deserve not only our respect, but also the right resources and support to effectively navigate a complex healthcare system while providing valuable social support. Our partnership with Carallel has made a tremendous impact, not only on our members but on their loved ones, and we’re thrilled to be expanding our partnership in 2022.”

Today nearly 1 in 3 American adults — about 53 million people — act as unpaid family caregivers for their spouses, parents, extended family members or friends. The support highly engaged caregivers provide is linked to significantly better outcomes for those in their care, including 30% lower rates of emergency department utilization and 50% lower hospital utilization. While caregivers provide essential care, they are often left to manage complex needs without support, leading to burnout and clinically significant levels of stress, anxiety or depression.  

The MoreCare-Carallel partnership demonstrates the potential to drive better health outcomes and improve quality of life for both members and their loved ones through caregiver empowerment, greater collaboration, and more comprehensive care.

“Family caregivers are the backbone of our healthcare ecosystem and we rely on them to provide the majority of in-home care, to bridge social drivers of health, and to navigate an intimidatingly complex system,” said Shara Cohen, CEO of Carallel. “By providing the support and practical help caregivers need, we can improve outcomes, experience, and health equity. Our efforts with MoreCare honors the incredible work caregivers do and fundamentally makes caregiving easier.” 

About Carallel

Carallel uses personal connection, expert guidance and digital tools to identify and empower caregivers so they can confidently manage the twists and turns of caregiving. In a 2020 study, 90% of surveyed caregivers said Carallel’s comprehensive support solution reduced stress, and 87% said it improved their decision-making. Carallel partners with health plans and providers aiming to achieve better outcomes, and employers striving to retain employees and increase productivity.

About MoreCare

MoreCare is a community-based Medicare Advantage plan designed for Cook County, IL residents providing members with more quality, access and individualized attention. Our local provider and hospital network helps keep quality high and costs low. MoreCare offers something for everyone – from traditional Medicare Advantage plans to special needs plans focused on patients who need the highest level of care such as those with chronic conditions. MoreCare’s innovative model of care focuses on whole person health offering members access to medical, behavioral and social support. Our approach is to make healthcare simple and deliver more coordinated, individualized care where and when our members need it. MoreCare is an affiliate of Medical Home Network. Learn more here.

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