Caregiver Journey Webinar | 05/25/22

The Caregiver Journey: Unique Challenges of Caring for a Spouse and How to Manage Them

In this Caregiver Journey Webinar, we discuss common challenges that come with balancing being a caregiver and a spouse or partner to the ones we love most–and strategies we can all use to navigate them.

Matt Perrin from Carallel is joined by Mary Hahn Ward for the discussion. Mary cares for her husband Tom. In 1993 he had encephalitis that left him with cognitive impairments. In 2010, Tom was diagnosed with ALS. He is service-connected with ALS. He’s been living with the disease for nearly 12 years.

Matt Perrin

Matt is a family caregiver for his mother who is living with Alzheimer’s Disease. Challenges he encountered while trying to find the right care led him to start Ro & Steve, a senior care review website built for consumers.

At Carallel, Matt drives the digital content development and distribution strategy. His focus is on supporting caregivers by providing the practical, relatable, and informative perspective people need — wherever they may be in their journey of caring for a loved one. 

Mary Hahn Ward

Mary Hahn Ward is caregiver to her husband Tom. She is a co-host of the podcast “This Caregiver Life” and author of the three books: Thinking Through VA Benefits and VA Care, A Resource Guide for Veterans with ALS & Their Caregivers, Paws at Work, and Letters Home – From 9/11 to Operation Iraqi Freedom A Military Mom Shares Her Family’s Story of Patriotism, Courage, and Love.

Ward holds a Master of Science in Health Care Management and Policy, and a Master of Public Administration. After holding various positions in healthcare management, she transitioned into a teaching career. Ward taught high school level social studies for thirteen years. Ward is an Elizabeth Dole Foundation Fellow Alumnus representing the state of North Carolina, advocating nationally for military and veteran caregivers.

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