Caregiver Journey Webinar | 12/22/23

A Caregiver Conversation by Carallel: A Guided Meditation for Family Caregivers

Matt Perrin, Carallel’s Director of Caregiver Engagement, is joined by Dr. Jeff Rubin, Carallel’s Chief Clinical Officer who leads a guided meditation for family caregivers.

Join us for this 30 minute dose of relaxation and renewal!

Jeff Rubin, EdD Chief Clinical Officer

Jeff Rubin is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified organizational consultant who has dedicated his career to helping people pursue and adopt healthy behaviors. He continues that work as Carallel’s chief clinical officer, contributing to the design and development of new programs that add value to caregivers on a concrete and emotional level. Prior to joining Carallel, Jeff was chief clinical officer at Laguna Health, a company that helps patients recover after being hospitalized. Earlier in his career, he co-founded Accolade, a personalized healthcare company connecting people to the right care. Jeff earned a doctorate in clinical/counseling psychology, as well as master’s degrees, from Columbia University. He enjoys hiking and swimming with his family, as well as playing the ukulele, when he’s not at work.

Matt Perrin Director of Caregiver Engagement, Carallel

Matt spent 8+ years as a family caregiver for his mother who was living with Alzheimer’s Disease. At Carallel, Matt drives the digital content development and distribution strategy. His focus is on supporting caregivers by providing the practical, relatable, and informative perspective people need — wherever they may be in their journey of caring for a loved one.

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Caregiver Journey Webinar

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