Webinar | 08/24/21

Senior Living and Aging in Place

Making decisions about the most appropriate setting for a loved one to live is fraught with questions that can be overwhelming.

  • How do you know when it’s the right time?
  • What’s the right type of place for your loved one?
  • What are the financial implications?
  • How do you start conversations about something that can be so emotional?

In this discussion, we tackle all of these questions and help caregivers out there think through it step by step.

Finding solutions that are right for you

Decisions about where and how to live as one ages are heavily influenced by socio-economic, social and cultural considerations all of which impact the options that are available – or that feel available – to people. Understanding what is out there is an important starting point.

It’s important to understand that a decision about housing and safety is likely not a ‘one and done’ decision.  A loved one’s changing needs, resources and other considerations may lead to a progression of living environments.

Jennifer Piscitello

Featured Experts:

Jennifer Piscitello

Jennifer lead’s Carallel’s Care Advocate team after working in sales, marketing, and planning roles for multiple Independent, Assisted Living, and Memory Care Communities.

Stephanie Banta

As a Care Advocate, Stephanie practices compassionate listening to help caregivers with the right resources, support and guidance to make confident decisions.

Shara Cohen

As CEO of Carallel, Shara drives the company’s mission of making caregiving easier and helping caregivers provide the best support possible to their loved ones.


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